Good food is for everyone.

Are you seeking a true change?  I will help you discover how nutrition can work for you through:

1-on-1 health coaching

Personal or Business nutrition classes

Weight loss, anxiety, depression, eczema, allergies, acid reflux, migraines, anemia, infertility, menstrual abnormalities, IBS, ADD, ADHD autism and many other issues we face can all be helped by a change in diet.

Why food to heal our bodies?  Because it can.  Delicious, mouth-watering, healthy food can heal our bodies and souls.  Food that comes from plants and animals, not boxes and bags or plastic containers. I believe in health and vitality.   This means:

  • options of food that can fit your lifestyle, preferences, and budget
  • discovering what foods may be harming you, or may benefit your particular body.  The same diet isn’t right for everyone; you’ll discover what works for you.
  • eating rich, delicious food and understanding why cultures around the world have been eating this way for generations
  • a holistic approach to health.  Through your diet, you can heal yourself and tune into your body’s signals
  • it is for everyone- you don’t need to cook “special” food for you/your kids.  Rather the whole family will love the fantastic, often surprisingly simple meals.  Mine do!

My holistic approach to health will have you feeling great.  In fact, most people who go on this journey with me never look back.

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4 thoughts on “Good food is for everyone.

  1. my daughters attended your event and learned info from you – that said I live in agricultural semi-rural New Hampshire. Fortunate to have local produce, cold storage apples all winter, raw milk, artisan cheeses & breads etc. I wonder do you travel up tis way ( Monadnock region) so west N H ?

    • How wonderful you have a great source of real foods! Yes, I certainly am willing to travel to you to teach a class. I’ll send you more details in an email!

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