Round 2: Raw Milk still at Risk in Boston area!

In the state of Massachusetts, the town of Foxboro is voting December 16 on new regulations which may put Lawton’s Family Farm, a small family-run farm for nearly 300 years, out of business and limit access to raw milk in the area. 

We have heard that the first vote they will make will be to ban raw milk sales in Foxboro. This of course is unprecedented and completely unwarranted as the Lawton’s run a 280 year old farm, meeting the state health standards.

The second vote will be regarding passing the latest draft of regulations, which are unreasonable, and require such things as as releasing all customers’ names to the local inspectors and requiring $3,000,000 in insurance, among others. The farm owners find these requirements arbitrary, invasive and very damaging to their capacity to keep the farm running.

Please help us protect the right to provide raw milk in Foxboro. You can come to the next Foxboro BOH meeting to show your interest in the right to purchase raw milk, Dec 16 at 7:30 in the Ahern School auditorium. It is located at 111 Mechanic St in Foxboro.

In the state of MA, no town has ever taken over this role from the state, as it is completely unnecessary.  These major changes transfers power to extremely anti-raw-milk authorities without need and risk the shut down a farm that has been in business for nearly 300 years, while preventing access to this high quality health food in the Boston area.

Now is the time to act!  Read these proposed guidelines for more details, and then do the following:

  • Take the time to send emails and spread the word!  Email list is located below.
  • When writing your letters, please explain your rights to choose what you put in your body, the benefits of raw milk, and also include if you are a professional ( nutritionist, doctor, nurse, scientist, wellness person, for added emphasis) and all others: your educated and researched choices
  • Dec 16 at 7:30 in the Ahern School auditorium. It is located at 111 Mechanic St in Foxboro.
  • Foxboro Residents: Please send letters to the Editor of the Foxboro Reporter as to your confidence in  the State Dept of Agriculture to regulate raw milk as well as the health benefits you receive from drinking raw milk.  Your efforts need to be in the paper before December 13.

Email addresses (please copy ALL on your email):,,,
terri lawton <>,

Fore more information on the health benefits and safety of raw milk see the following links:

2 thoughts on “Round 2: Raw Milk still at Risk in Boston area!

  1. this is very sad, both for the family farmers and the folks who make a conscious and informed decision to purchase and drink raw milk. i wish i could help, but i don’t think they would listen to out of staters! good luck!

    • Definitely send a letter anyway, even if you’re out of state. Raw milk legislation in individual states can set the trend for country-wide legislation, so this is an issue for everyone. Send away, one and all!

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