So. Much. FUN.

I need to take a minute folks, to gush.   Not about how fantastic my kids or dog, family, or even my clients are.  They are wonderful, of course.

This past weekend was for me.  Food for my soul.  Two days at the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) Wise Traditions Regional Conference in Southbridge, MA.

Compared to the huge conference-on-crack national event, this regional weekend was more relaxed.  There were maybe 400-500 people in attendance, listening to a series of talks, perusing vendor tables, and enjoy the outstanding, high-quality food these conferences are known for.   Rare is the restaurant I can go to a feel good about the quality, yet here I was at a two day conference eating my heart out and not thinking twice.

To top it all off, my talk went very well.  Attended by Sally Fallon, the founder of the WAPF, I covered a variety of issues regarding feeding children nourishing foods.  Beyond that, several people came up to me afterwards and thanked me for the talk and said it was one of the most helpful ones at the conference.  I wanted to hug them all.

Perhaps the best part of this weekend was the energy of the place.  Hundreds of people who share my joys and struggles, who have found health through a high-quality diet.  Some have been on GAPS, most have not.  We’re from all over New England, all looking to be/stay/get healthy and feel our best.  We’re all looking for great raw milk, driving long distances for raw cream, look for high-quality meat in bulk.  To be able to talk to so many people who are looking for help, or who have been helped by eating real food is inspiring. I’m honored to have been a part of such a wonderful event.

Moving forward, I have some great news!  I’ve been working on a project all summer that is designed to help you.  It’s pretty exciting, and I plan to launch it next week, so stay posted for news (and likely a great deal)!

For now, please sign up for my newsletter here.  If you sign up, you get some great things: free video & recipes on “Dressings & Sauces” and “Bone Broth”!  I’ll be starting to send out a newsletter about once or twice per month, and you don’t want to miss it!

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