Coming Soon, on February 5th!

Are you curious about what it is I really talk about?  Wondering a bit about how real-food nutrition works?  Are you curious about the science and history of all of this?  Here’s your chance to get a taste!  I’m teaching on February 5th, so come check it out at Brookline Adult and Community Education.

Diet and the Healthy Savage
Gena Mavuli, Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Dr. Weston Price (1870-1948), dentist and nutritionist, was troubled by his patient’s poor oral health and took it upon himself to investigate what was going on. After extensive visits to far-flung villages, Price determined that individuals who live in primitive conditions were in some ways, more healthy than his community members back at home. Various diseases endemic to Western cultures of the 1920s and 1930s—from dental issues, to tuberculosis, to skeletal deformities—were rarely present in non-Western cultures. After extensive time in his lab, Price deduced that processed food was at the root of modern society’s illness woes. His fascinating 1939 book, <i>Nutrition and Physical Degeneration</i>, filled with photographs and personal stories, continues to be cited today by proponents of many different theories, including controversial dentistry and nutritional theories. Join us to discuss this fascinating man, and hear how some of today’s nutrition and health experts are responding to his findings. We’ll also talk about our own diets and about the choices that we are making at our tables.

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