Summer is almost here!

Well, it seems I haven’t blogged it quite a while!  I’ve done plenty of writing and nutrition work, but this one has been neglected and I apologize.  I have only the usual life excuses of work, kids, family- nothing earth shattering here, just life getting in the way of blogging.  While I hope to do better in 2019, I can also see ahead a year of new projects and fun challenges so please trust that I’m working with clients & teaching classes even though I may not be blogging regularly.

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Sun Sun Sun!

New Englanders have been complaining about the winter forever.  Even friends of mine in far off lands have commented to me on our struggle against the fluffy white.  Attractive happy woman joying in beautiful summer day.

Not anymore folks! The sun is out in Massachusetts and we’re soaking it up. We’re out in force, filling up the parks and playgrounds, riding bikes, hiking, and playing in the ocean well before we really should. The sun makes all the difference here, and I think we do spring better than anyone- we deserve it, right?!

Yet heading out into the sun can be complicated.  On one hand, the sun is a source of much-needed vitamin D and generally makes us feel good.  On the other hand, folks can easily burn when it gets strong enough.  While burning isn’t good for anyone, some sun exposure is great for health.

In order to limit burning, I suggest getting early season sun so that your skin has a base tan during periods of low intensity.  As the sun gets stronger, limit sun exposure to the mornings and late afternoons always avoiding the sun midday.

Yet it’s hard to avoid burning at the beach and light-skinned folks can have a hard time even on a normal afternoon.  For those situations I recommend either clothing and sunscreens where your clothes don’t cover.  Please remember, not all sunscreens are made equal!  Remember that your skin is not a barrier and so anything you put on it goes directly into your body.  I suggest putting nothing on your body that you wouldn’t/couldn’t eat.

Fear not- you don’t have to make sunscreen yourself, rather there are several brands that fit the bill. The place to go is the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  They’ve done a great job vetting the hundreds of brands out there, and they’ve ranked them all.

Here is a list of the brands that meet the EWG criteria.

Here is a list of brands that you should definitely avoid.

Do you research and enjoy those great outdoors!

Join me in April!

Adorable baby girl eating fresh vegetables

March has been a busy month for me with various speaking engagements, clients and lots of fun sprinkled in.  April looks to be the same, and I’m so excited for all that it will bring.  Please join me at an event open to the public on April 25th.

It’ll be a great talk, extremely informative, and a great venue to bring any questions.  See here for more information!

Out from hiding!

Whew, it has been a record-breaking snowy winter here in Boston!  It seems that everything slowed down to a snails pace as we all turned inward and spent time with our families.

Now we’re starting to come out of shells and into the light.  With that coming out, another article of mine has been published by the Wholistic Health Alliance.  Out into the world I go, so it seems.  Take a look!

The Wholistic Health Alliance is a network is a growing community of holistic practitioners in the Boston area providing a wide range of healthcare and nutrition services.  Check them out here!

Be well everyone.

Coming Soon, on February 5th!

Are you curious about what it is I really talk about?  Wondering a bit about how real-food nutrition works?  Are you curious about the science and history of all of this?  Here’s your chance to get a taste!  I’m teaching on February 5th, so come check it out at Brookline Adult and Community Education.

Diet and the Healthy Savage
Gena Mavuli, Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Dr. Weston Price (1870-1948), dentist and nutritionist, was troubled by his patient’s poor oral health and took it upon himself to investigate what was going on. After extensive visits to far-flung villages, Price determined that individuals who live in primitive conditions were in some ways, more healthy than his community members back at home. Various diseases endemic to Western cultures of the 1920s and 1930s—from dental issues, to tuberculosis, to skeletal deformities—were rarely present in non-Western cultures. After extensive time in his lab, Price deduced that processed food was at the root of modern society’s illness woes. His fascinating 1939 book, <i>Nutrition and Physical Degeneration</i>, filled with photographs and personal stories, continues to be cited today by proponents of many different theories, including controversial dentistry and nutritional theories. Join us to discuss this fascinating man, and hear how some of today’s nutrition and health experts are responding to his findings. We’ll also talk about our own diets and about the choices that we are making at our tables.

It’s Ear Infection Time!

This holiday season was full of colds over here.  It seemed like the same cold got passed around for weeks until we were all hit. Yes folks, even though we eat well, my family can still get sick.  What may be different is how we deal with things once we get sick.

After one of those fun weeks of runny noses, we noticed our five-year-old saying “What? what?” often when we talked to him.  Some of that is just the normal behavior of a distracted five-year-old, but after about a week we began to think something was going on with his hearing.  After some simple at home hearing challenges (i.e., making tiny sounds outside each ear) we realized that his right ear jusCoconut oil.t wasn’t hearing well.  Into the doctor’s office we went, the day before we left for the holidays.

As anticipated, they found fluid, redness, and puss: an ear infection.  Although the doctor recommended an antibiotic, I kindly asked her if it was really necessary.  My children have never been on antibiotics, and I’d like to keep it that way.  Antibiotics do harm to the good bacteria in your body along with any bacterial infection, and as a result weaken the immune system, making it less able to fight off infections down the road, including additional ear infections.

Our lovely doctor replied that antibiotics weren’t absolutely necessary because my son wasn’t in any pain and had no fever.  His body seemed to be handling the infection ok, so she was happy to let us ride it out and see what happened, as long as we brought him back in a week or so to see how the infection was doing.  It pays to always ask questions!

To be proactive over the holiday, I started loading him up on some super foods to ensure his immune system kicked this before we went back in to see the Dr.  Here’s what he had on a daily basis:

  • 2 drops of garlic mullein oil in the ear, 2x per day
  • A spoonful of chopped raw garlic with honey
  • At least 1 cup of bone broth, often cooked into food such as quinoa/lentils/soup/oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, always in/on food
  • Oregano & Theives essential oil combination, rolled on the bottom of the feet
  • 1 spoonful of cod liver oil (this is part of his daily routine anyway)

He’s just back from the doctor’s visit, and his ear is greatly improved.  His little body is fighting the infection, his runny nose is gone, and we’re free of antibiotics!  Here’s to the power of food and some simple remedies to give a body the fuel it needs to heal itself!  Way to go, little guy!

Happy Winter Season To You!

It’s the winter/holiday season, and many of us have a lot to be thankful for.  I’m tempted to even make a list, but I’ll spare you those (nauseating?!) details of my family, work and general happiness.  Suffice it to say that I’m truly blessed and look forward to an exciting 2015.

At the same time, many of us continue to struggle with a wide range of challenges.   In the nutrition field, I know many people living uncomfortably with health problems they have a hard time solving.  çocuk mutluluğu

I also know many people who have had amazing successes.  This is why I love what I do; the transformation that people can undergo by changing the way they eat can be huge.

Just last week, I was surprised by a Facebook post by one my clients.  I was amazed at her generosity, and I’m of course thrilled about the success she’s had from her hard work.  In case you missed it, here it is from Jenna who’s a Registered Dietician and works at her own practice, Whole-istic Living.

Testimonial Thursday: I have had a condition called Oral Allergy Syndrome since I was a kid, and many new food allergies/intolerances started developing over the last 5-6 years. It has been extremely uncomfortable and limiting for me. That said, I started working with Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant Gena Mavuli at Nutrition Basics for the past 9 months and have following the Gut & Psychology Syndrome (“GAPS”) diet, with Gena’s ongoing guidance and support. This diet is extremely unorthodox but is backed up by a lot of science, and it addresses the root causes of many underlying immune-related problems. It is NOT a fad and it’s not for everyone.

A year ago I had baseline allergy skin testing and blood work done at Allergy Physicians in Brookline, and this afternoon I went for follow-up skin testing at Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

I am so happy to announce that in the past year I have gotten rid of 7 food/environmental allergies! The nurses were shocked… my allergist (an MD) at Lahey, however, knew all about the GAPS diet and said he is in full support. It’s been a challenge, especially being a dietitian who didn’t learn a single thing about GAPS in undergrad or any clinical rotations…but I don’t regret any of it for a second. Working with Gena has turned my world upside down in a good way, and I am so tdo more of what makes you happyhankful. I plan to continue going down this path until all of the allergies are gone based on skin testing and bloodwork. Thanks Gena, and to my family & friends – especially Nancy Molea Volpe and Mike Marchesi for your incredible, unconditional love and support.

Life sure is sweet. Supporting people on their road to health makes me happy, so I’m going to do more of that in 2015!
  • If you want to move forward with your health, contact me.  Also, gift certificates ARE available for those tough-to-buy-for people in your life!
  • Don’t forget about the Real Food Transformation eCourse.  Purchase now in time for the holidays!
Be well, everyone.  I wish you lots of peace and love this holiday season, and always.

It is time to drink THIS!

EggnogOooh, I love it!  We all do around here.  A fantastic, delicious, nourishing breakfast, snack or general life-improver that homemade eggnog truly is.

Packed with all the benefits of pastured eggs, (B-complex vitamins, choline, biotin, selenium, good fats, good cholesterol, vitamins A,D & protein), this is a nutrition powerhouse.  Heads up though, all eggs aren’t created equal and your supermarket vegetarian eggs don’t have nearly the quantity or quality of nutrients as a pastured egg.

Wait, what?!   Chickens aren’t vegetarians?!  No people, they’re not.  Chickens naturally are scavengers that eat bugs and grubs, worms, insects- all the things that make their eggs super nutritious.  So get out the supermarket and find a farm near you!  If you need help, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader who can help you fine high quality goods near you.

In the meantime, click here to see the fabulous eggnog recipe!

Cyber Monday DEAL!

Because, why not?!  Red Wine And Cheese PlateYou can get these deals now through midnight on Monday, December 1st.

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It is shopping season, and giving the gift of health is the best gift of all!

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Deal Number Two

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You know folks, I almost never offer discounts on consulting.  This year, I want to reach people who’ve been hanging out on the sidelines, wondering if they should take the plunge and have a consult to deal with one issue or another.  A consult with me is a fun time where we talk about you and positive ways to get you where you want to be.  Young women in the kitchen Consults are either over the phone/Skype/Facetime or in my home office in Roslindale.

Let me tell you,  NOW is the time to take advantage.   I’ve never before offered a discount on my rates and I can’t imagine that I’ll do it again anytime soon.  Food can truly change your life (just check out my last blog post!), so now’s the time to get some professional help to kick-start your health.  To take advantage, follow these simple steps:

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Here’s to a happy and healthy new year and new you!

It CAN be done.

Some days are amazing.  Some weeks, months, years, lives are amazing.  Lately, I’ve been surrounded by people doing amazing things with their health, and I’m inspired.  Attractive happy woman joying in beautiful summer day.

As many of you know, I consult with clients on improving nutrition to help or heal a wide variety of health problems.  Many of my clients have autoimmune diseases, though certainly not all.  Here, I’m sharing two lovely stories of success on their journey, one a client of mine and one not.

This week, I was at a pot-luck and was talking to a woman who has suffered from Hashimoto’s disease for about 15 years.  Now in her early-50s, she’d been on a health journey for years.  As a professional in the field of alternative medicine, she’s been aware of plenty of ways to work at and improve body functions.   Yet still, 10 years into her disease she wasn’t improving and so she decided to go on the GAPS diet.  When I first met her last year, she casually mentioned that she had Hashimoto’s and was working through some things.  She expressed some happiness with the results of the GAPS diet, but also was hoping some other things would have improved.  At that point, she’d been on the diet for four years.

When I spoke to her this week, she’d been on the diet five years.  She’d just recently gotten her blood tests back from her doctor, and it turns out that she no longer has Hashimoto’s disease.  Let me say that another way: a healing nutritional protocol has healed this woman of her autoimmune disease!

This is unprecedented in the medical world, folks.  When one is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, they should expect to have it for life.  Yet here is one example of how diligence and hard work can pay off.  This woman has also worked on detoxifying heavy metals and other issues, but had her digestion not been strengthened by the GAPS diet, her body would have never have been able to handle the metal detox protocols.  I’m certain that other GAPS practitioners see such rewards often; this diet has truly helped thousands around the world.Kombucha

Next, meet a young woman in her mid-20s.  She’s young, active, and works as a Registered Dietician.  She’s busy, social and yet dealing with health issues.  Since her youth, she’s always had digestive issues going on.  From acid reflux to allergies, to problems with her esophagus.  More recently, she’s noticed allergic reactions to foods.  It seemed to her that every month she added another food to her list of allergies.  Her training had not helped her learn how to deal with allergies or leaky gut.

I began working with her in the winter of 2014 when she began the GAPS diet.  It was a hard road — she had to navigate a busy summer with lots of festivities on a relatively strict diet.  I’m happy to say that a few weeks ago she ate the first apple she’d eaten in five years, with no reactions.  Her digestive system is healing, her body is not attacking food or itself, and she’s on her way to a full recovery. She’s done a fantastic, amazing job with this diet thus far and is reaping the rewards.

To see such clear improvements after just six months on the diet is fantastic, though not always the case.  A whole variety of factors go into how fast or slow one heals.  Age matters; young people heal faster.  My son, at six months old, healed his eczema in under a year.  The 52 year-old woman took five years on the diet to reverse Hashimoto’s disease.   Every individual has a unique biology that will effect how long it will take to heal.

I have to say, I haven’t met anyone yet, whether my client or not, who hasn’t seen some improvements result from an improved diet, whether they do just basic improvements or something more drastic such as GAPS.   Whatever your issue, your meals can help you.
Food people, it’s all about the food.  Eat well, BE well, LIVE well.

Click here if you want to get started on improving your diet, step by step.