Individual nutrition coaching

Individual nutrition coaching: adults, teens, children, parents, new/nursing mothers

Many ailments, from arthritis to ear infections and autism can be helped and/or resolved by diet.  Weight loss is often a natural result of improving your eating habits.  Coaching sessions are in person or over the phone/video, depending on need and location.

4-session coaching package

  • 4, 1-hour coaching sessions scheduled to fit your rhythm
  • personalized diet analysis & evaluation
  • personalized diet & supplement plan, as appropriate
  • resource lists & food-sourcing suggestions (for US-based clients only)
  • unlimited email access to answer all your questions

This starts with a diet & need assessment to guide your plan.  Then, we’ll develop the right diet to meet your needs, building on your current habits and eating style.  I’ll help you stay the course as you make the transition, providing resources, support, and a plan to keep you on-track long term.

Single, 1- hour consultation

Do you have a few quick questions you need to be answered? This session will focus on specific questions or problems you have, and we’ll go over the basics of a proper diet to meet your needs.   These sessions often serve as a follow-up on other packages.

Click here to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation, or to schedule your nutrition coaching now! 

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