8-week real food transformation

Want to go real, but you don’t know where to begin? Switching over can definitely be overwhelming, which is why I’ve put together this 8-week plan.  You’ll transition into a real food diet slowly, step by step, so that the changes are natural.

Here’s what you get for your individualized transition plan for you or your family:

  • pantry raid: assessment of your current food habits
  • personalized weekly meal plans
  • weekly recipes
  • weekly 30 min. session to keep you on track
  • unlimited email access for questions & supportGena Jan 4,14

Common results include weight loss, increased energy, improved hair and skin, improved digestion, improved bowel function, and many others.

Schedule your first session here!

Individual nutrition coaching: adults, teens, children, parents, new/nursing mothers

Many ailments, from arthritis to ear infections and autism can be helped and resolved by diet.  Weight loss is a natural result of switching to a traditional, whole-foods diet.  Coaching sessions are in person or over the phone, as you prefer.

4-session coaching package

  • 4, 1-hour coaching sessions scheduled as you see fit
  • personalized diet analysis & evaluation
  • personalized diet & supplement plan
  • resource lists & food-sourcing suggestions
  • unlimited email access to answer all your questions

This starts with a diet & need assessment to guide your plan.  Then, we’ll develop the right diet to meet your needs.  I’ll help you stay the course as you make the transition, providing resources, support, and a plan to keep you on-track long term.

Individual and group cooking classes

Leading workshops and corporate events are one of my favorite parts of this business.  Connected with folks on a larger scale helps me learn and grow, and connect with those whose journey I’m supporting.

Are you interested in cooking wholesome foods, yet are a bit overwhelmed at where to start I provide specialized classes on ferments, broth & stocks, gluten-free baking, and grain-free recipes, and I also provide classes on the basics of nutrition for broader audiences.

I’m located in Boston, but I’ll travel to many locations in New England. Classes hosted in a private residence home are free for the host!  Contact me to discuss!

GAPS Coaching

Do you suffer from IBS, colitis, upset stomachs, allergies, eczema, acne, autism, or any other issues?  The Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, by Natasha Campbell McBride, has healed people of these issues.  I have implemented this diet with my family, with success.

This is a very individualized plan which may be several weeks, months or even years for some people.  Please schedule your free consult via this link for more information and to discuss a plan that’s right for you.

Kitchen clean-outs

Sometimes we just need a fresh start.  It can be hard to do when your kitchen is cluttered with food you don’t want to be eating.  I’ll help you sort through your cabinets and decide what to keep (and how to prepare it), and what to donate to your local food bank.

This 1.5 hour session may also include a quick cooking lesson with your goods if time allows (ie: depends on how large your kitchen is, and what food you have on-hand to work with!)

Let’s shop!

Do you want to eat healthily, but have no idea where to begin or what to buy?  Then let’s shop together!  In 1.5 hours, I’ll show you how to navigate a grocery store and come out with the best ingredients for simple meals, without any extras or breaking the bank.  This can be combined with a “Kitchen clean-out” if you’re up for it!

To schedule a free 15 minute consult to discuss your options, click here!

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