Receiving real food nutrition education through the Nutrition Basics’ transformation program truly changed my approach toward food shopping and cooking.  Before participating in the program I was confused.  I had read so many things about nutrition but didn’t really know what to believe.  I had so many questions:  Should I be drinking milk? And what kind?  Is soy really that bad?  What in the world do probiotics really do and how can I get them without taking a supplement?  Should I be eating a low fat diet?  Is counting calories the only way to lose weight?  The transformation program answered ALL my questions.  It provided me with a real food education.   I now know how to shop, prepare and cook real food every day.  I now feel healthier with more energy and clarity of mind. My skin looks better and I have been able to shed those last stubborn 5 pounds.   Better health has truly led to a better life!  -Aketa

Gena presented a Parent Workshop entitled “Nourishing Your Child” at our School. She was informative, personable and engaging. It is clear that Gena is knowledgeable about nutrition and children, as well as for adults. Attendees had many questions about budget friendly ideas and how to make meals to entice their children to eat healthier and Gena offered realistic suggestions that busy parents can do. We also learned how eating specific kinds of vitamins and minerals affect children’s overall development. Gena’s demeanor was friendly and warm and I would highly recommend her!
~Michelle Taylor, Ed.M., Head of School
The Blue Hill Montessori School, Canton, MA

Gena helped me get a handle on my nutrition woes– like why every afternoon at 3 pm I seemed to have an energy crash.  Gena’s shown me a whole new way of thinking about food, health, and nutrition. I’m looking forward to working with her more as I continue on my journey to being a healthier, more active person.” – Rachel M

Gena is smart, knowledgeable, and a great listener.  She works hard for her clients to find answers and solutions to each client’s health issue.  Upon our initial consultation, she immediately identified my own candida/yeast problem, a root cause of several autoimmune diseases. After years of frustrating diets, I finally feel like I am on my way to improving my overall health.

Gena is also an excellent cook and excels in traditional cooking techniques.  Her recipes are fabulous and extremely nutrient dense.  I highly recommend her individual nutrition coaching and cooking classes!”- Sharon N

Gena’s consults always start out the same way. “You’re doing a great job! No stress!” As a new mom, breastfeeding, working and in a new country I depended on her to help keep up my milk production and my sanity. When my son started eating solids she also guided me through introducing fresh real nutrient rich foods that not just my son but my whole family enjoys. Beyond the physical benefits of having good nutrition, Gena’s recommendations also benefit our local economy of food producers and bring our family together around good good food.” – Kim P

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